A poem dedicated to Forvo

August 3, 2011

Created by Alexander. You never stop surprising us.

Forvo.com is the greatest resource Of words, names and phrases and sounds, of course.

You can search and you'll find every word seen around You just click on the play button and make the word sound!

Every language on the Earth that only can be heard And along with a human you may hear a bird!

Add a phrase or a word no matter how long, Maybe one day you'll hear your voice in a song!

Maybe some of you words wil appear in a film. It's the best way to add and the best way to fill.

Many exotic languages from East and from West. Of all the good choices forvo.com is the best!

Listen, say, live and learn, teach and may be have fun! Forvo service is great! Open for everyone!

Multicultural symphony every dialect's near! Different letter and characters, You can find'em all here!

Language is the best way to understand any nation, And the most important part of it is Pronunciation.

Long live Forvo, the best usage of multimedia, Long live Forvo, Pronunciational encyclopedia